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Plantbox - Meat

Plantbox - Meat

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Prepare to be amazed because Plantbox will redefine your taste expectations about plant-based food. Experience what quality tastes like, delivered right to your home.

The Plantbox Meat contains seven of the best plant-based smoked sausages, ham and bacon from pioneering producers across Europe. In April's Plantbox Meat, you will find:

    • Salami by Amala 🇱🇹 - a truly magnificent wood-smoked sausage approved even by butchers for its great authentic taste (our bestseller)
    • Kabanoz by Amala 🇱🇹 - four firm and flavourful snack sausages that go well on a snack table or in the lunch boxes - made by Amala in Lithuania
    • Chorizo by Amala 🇱🇹 - slightly spicy smoked sausage, perfect in toast, pizza, you name it!
    • Hot dog by Amala 🇱🇹 - two hot dogs that does everything a real hot dog should do and taste like - it even has an outlayer that breaks! 
    • Vegvursti Pepper by Santun Seitan 🇫🇮 - a spicy sausage resembling pepperoni
    • Vegvursti Salami by Santun Seitan 🇫🇮 - a classic salami with a splendid texture and taste
    • Bacon by La Vie 🇫🇷 - an immensely great bacon that are out in all Burger Kings in France. And you get 300g with long shelf life!

The selection varies from month to month, and we guarantee that every plant-based product is nothing less than exceptional.

This Plantbox makes a great impression at gatherings large and small. Perfect when you want to treat yourself or someone special in your life.

All this deliciousness is made 100% out of plants. The sausages are based on wheat and spelt. 

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