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Good-ah!, Organic

Good-ah!, Organic


Good-ah from Casheury is available in February's Plantbox delivery. Deadline for ordering is Sunday February 4th with delivery taking place February 21st.

Casheury has created a sweet, mild and smooth gouda-like cheese that is fantastic on the breakfast table, enjoyed with marmalade and toast, or accompanied by a glass of wine. The particularly "cheesy" taste makes it very versatile and perfect for everyday food! The cheese has those caramel notes of the famous parmesan. Must be tested!

About Casheury

Casheury is the Scania-based company that has taken the vegan cheese game to a whole new level. Using traditional cheese-making techniques, Casheury produces award-winning creamy cheeses, aged cheeses and mould cheeses made from cashew nuts. 


Ingredients: *CASHEWS (55%), *coconut oil, water, sea salt, *mustard, *onion, *nutritional yeast, leavening culture

Nutritional Information

Nutritional value per 100g Energy 440kca/1841kj, Fat 39g, - Of which saturated fat 21g, Carbohydrates 14g, - Of which sugars 3g, Proteins 9.2g, Salt 1.4g


May contain traces of nuts, (CASHEWS)


We recommend to eat the cheese within 7 days after opening


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